So… What’s New in Plastic Surgery?

Lessons from the International Plastic Surgery Community

By: J. Brad Turner, MD

Last week our office attended the 1st annual Global Aesthetics Conference. This is a meeting hosted by our very own Dr. Waldman and a well-known Brazilian-American colleague, Dr. Renato Saltz.

GA_no_namesThe concept was simple, put surgeons from core cosmetic specialties and diverse geographical backgrounds on a podium and see what we can learn. Well, I can say without reservation that this Kentucky Plastic Surgeon learned a great deal.

As cosmetic surgeons, we are always in search of the newest techniques and technology to deliver the best result to our patients. So……WHAT’S NEW???

I will keep it short, sweet and organized so if you are interested in a particular area of rejuvenation you can skip ahead.


Fat harvest (liposuction) with FAT TRANSFER is being utilized throughout the body. It is used as a filler for the Face, to augment the breast, and sculpt the buttocks. There have been studies demonstrating an improvement in skin quality after treatment.


Liposuction techniques continue to evolve…..The use of advanced equipment such as laser assisted, ultrasound assisted and power assisted liposuction are largely based on surgeon preference. The eye of the surgeon and the desire for not only reducing fat in an area but enhancing the underlying anatomy are principles that are taking shape throughout the world.

#3 It’s not your mother’s FACELIFT anymore

We are all clearly unique individuals with our face being the primary identifier of that characteristic. The concept of using a named technique (short scar facelift, necklift, low face and neck lift, SMAS lift, plication) can be very short sighted. Each of our patients needs an individualized approach to the promotion of facial harmony and rejuvenation. While this is not a new concept in my practice, the tools we have to achieve this ideal continue to grow.

#4 “I’ve got to HAND it to you doc, my face looks great but my hands tell my age.”EM01634-00_RADIESSE-Hands-CON-BA4

HAND REJUVENATION is becoming very popular throughout the world and the US. Discerning patients have noted that while their faces have become

more youthful, their hands continue to show their age. Rejuvenation of the hands, just like the face requires treatment package of skin resurfacing and volume restoration.


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