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    Mommy Makeover

    Mommy Makeover by: J. Brad Turner, M.D. Pregnancy and motherhood present some of the greatest joys and challenges in the life of a woman.   The undesired effects that pregnancy takes on the breast and body can often not be reversed ...


So… What’s New in Plastic Surgery?

What’s New in Plastic Surgery? Lessons from the International Plastic Surgery Community By: J. Brad Turner, MD Last week our office attended the 1st annual Global Aesthetics Conference. This is a meeting hosted by our very own Dr. Waldman and a well-known Brazilian-American colleague, Dr. Renato Saltz. The concept was simple, put surgeons from core […]

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A Salute to Our Veterans

A Salute to Our Veterans By: J. Brad Turner, MD All plastic surgeons owe their profession to War Veterans. The field of plastic surgery evolved from a need to treat wartime injuries, most notably in World War II. The principles we use today to treat injuries, cancers, birth defects, and aesthetic distortions are all grounded […]

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BRA DAY — October 21, 2015

BRA DAY — October 21, 2015 By: J. Brad Turner, M.D.  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon   It is estimated that less than 25 percent of women are aware of the reconstructive options after Breast Cancer Surgeries. Many scientific studies have reiterated the improvement in overall quality of life, as well as making the physical and […]

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The Brazilian Butt Lift comes to Lexington!

The Brazilian Butt Lift comes to Lexington! by: Dr. J. Brad Turner One of the newest and most popular cosmetic operations in recent years is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Many cosmetic surgeons perform the operation throughout the country with its greatest popularity in cities like Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA.   The primary driver of […]

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Recovery Tips for Successful Surgery

Recovery Tips for a Successful Surgery – One of the most important parts of a cosmetic surgery is the Recovery. This is the time when your body is healing and adjusting to change, so it can be a scary yet exciting part of your surgical journey. Here is a guide to help you make the […]

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Spring Skin Care Tips

Spring Skin Care Tips – We finally survived the cold and dry winter! With Spring in full bloom it’s time to illuminate your skin and get your glow back. At Skin Chic we have a seasonal approach to skin care that tailors your treatment plan to the environmental factors around you. Spring means longer days, […]

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Get the Skinny on CoolSculpting

Freezing away fat… Fact or Fantasy? Enter CoolSculpting®. Body ShapingLosing weight and cutting body fat are two of the hottest topics these days, especially as the new year rolls around and swimsuit season quickly approaches. Diet and exercise play a crucial role in shaping and toning the body, but there is only so much you […]

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Winter Skin Care

Every season has its own effect on your skin… With the holidays finally finished, we are faced with the next couple months of winter. Despite the heavy focus on weight loss and resolution as the new year begins, what you might not be considering is the health of your skin. The abundance of guilty-pleasure foods […]

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