Laser Hand Treatments

The Skin Chic Clinic at Waldman, Schantz, and Turner Plastic Surgery and Skin Care in Lexington, KY now offers an innovative laser treatment option for the hands and forearms. The device is integrated within the Rohrer Aesthetics fractional CO2 laser system known as Phoenix-15 and takes less than a minute to perform per hand. The result is smoother, younger-looking skin with more even pigmentation of the hands.

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What is Swift Scan?

Fractional CO2 lasers are widely used in cosmetic medicine for their effectiveness and versatility. Concentrated beams of light are separated into tiny individual bursts of energy that are designed to reach the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis, and create controlled injuries that prompt the body to renew itself. During the treatment, the heat from the laser penetrates the epidermis and reaches the deeper tissues, stimulating a healing response that produces collagen and elastin.

The Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser System consists of a fractional CO2 laser that can perform a multitude of functions with various wavelengths and handpieces. Built into the system is the Swift Scan, a specialized compartment designed to treat signs of aging on the backs of the hands. The laser light targets the tissue, penetrating the surface area of the hand during a 40-second scan. The results are firmer, less crepey skin of the hands with fewer age spots.

Why Should I Choose Swift Scan?

The hands develop signs of aging much like the face, neck, and chest. They are used in everyday tasks and are often exposed to the sun and other environmental factors that can age them more quickly. Age spots, wrinkles, and loose skin are the most common symptoms to develop on the hands. Over time, these signs of aging can cause people to feel self-conscious. The hands are often adorned with nail polish, a wedding ring, and other jewelry which can draw additional attention to them.

A quick Swift Scan session takes less than a minute and a half to perform on the hands and can dramatically reduce signs of aging. Often, patients who seek a more youthful appearance might not think to improve the backs of their hands, or do not realize that easy but effective treatments are available to reverse this type of skin maturity. Hand rejuvenation complements facial rejuvenation well or can be performed as a standalone procedure.

Candidates for Laser Hand Resurfacing

Healthy individuals who wish to refresh and rejuvenate the backs of their hands might be eligible to undergo Swift Scan. Signs of aging in the hands often begin in the late 30s and are generally moderate in those who are middle-aged. Along with treating their facial concerns, patients can also opt to undergo this quick procedure for a more consistent rejuvenation if they dislike the appearance of their aging hands. Patients must be committed to following post-procedural instructions and should not be affected by any conditions affecting

The Swift Scan Consultation

During the first appointment with Swift Scan clinician, Madison Sommer, RN, at the Skin Chic Clinic of Lexington, KY, patients will first discuss their medical history to ensure safety and eligibility for the procedure. The technology of Swift Scan will be explained, and the expected results will be discussed.

The clinician may provide photos of prior patients to showcase the laser’s abilities. Photos of the patient’s hands may be captured to serve as the “before” picture to compare to their eventual results. The clinician will also invite the patient to ask any questions they may have.

Preparing for a Swift Scan Session

For optimal results and painless recovery, patients should follow their clinician’s medical advice before undergoing a Swift Scan treatment. Patients should also:

Use Sunscreen
Sun exposure is dangerous to the skin and SPF 30+ should always be worn in direct sunlight. Daily sunscreen use is especially necessary in the weeks before undergoing CO2 fractional laser resurfacing to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Maintain the Skin’s Moisture
Use a hand cream to keep the skin of the hands hydrated.

Do Not Wear Products to the Appointment
Moisturizers should not be worn to the appointment. Many of these products can be occlusive and difficult to remove, even in an office setting and may affect the results of the procedure.

Prepare to Follow the Prescribed At-Home Regimen
Patients will be provided with important tips to follow for optimal anti-aging results after the treatment.

The Swift Scan Procedure

Generally, Swift Scan is performed alongside other Phoenix-15 treatments, like facial or chest skin resurfacing. Numbing cream is applied to the hands up to an hour before treatment. The clinician will adjust the settings for the patient’s needs and explain how each hand should be inserted into the Swift Scan box. Each hand requires just 40 seconds for treatment.

Swift Scan Recovery

After the appointment, the skin of the hands may feel warm for a few hours and appear reddened. This is expected due to the heated collagen remodeling effects of the laser. A cold pack can be used for relief. Patients should keep the hands moisturized with an approved ointment and the hands should not be submerged in water for the next few days.

The day after the office visit, the hands might feel swollen and the skin may be tight and itchy, but patients are cautioned to not scratch the area. Any heat, including sun exposure, should be avoided.

After about a week, the skin can be treated with a regular moisturizer as prescribed, and patients should use an SPF when exposed to the sun. Excessive sun exposure during the first four weeks of healing may cause issues like hyperpigmentation or skin injury.

What Are The Possible Side Effects or Risks of Laser Therapy?

Various studies have proven that fractional CO2 laser treatments are safe and effective, but patients and clinicians need to adhere to standard protocols to avoid complications. Possible side effects and risks are listed below and can be further discussed during the initial consultation.

Why Should I Choose the Skin Chic Clinic?

The Skin Chic Clinic at Waldman, Schantz, and Turner Plastic Surgery and Skin Care in Lexington, KY is a top-rated aesthetic center that is focused on the betterment of the skin. The staff have extensive training in the latest available technologies and are committed to providing superior results for elective procedures. A major focus of the Skin Chic Clinic is to provide near surgical-level results without the use of surgical techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swift Scan