Correcting Breast Asymmetry

The breasts are the most visible and distinct characteristics of the female form, but they vary widely from one woman to the next. The size, shape, and positioning of the breasts are common differences, though an individual woman’s breasts typically match each other. In some cases, however, they can be very different from one another. One breast may be larger than the other or their shapes may not match due to other dissimilarities. The plastic surgery experts at Waldman, Schantz, and Turner Plastic Surgery Center and Skin Care in Lexington, KY can correct breast asymmetry through a number of treatment options.

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Issues with Asymmetry


Women may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts, especially during intimacy with a partner. It can be difficult to find bras that fit the uneven pair, and some women resort to adding padding to the cup of the smaller breast. Breast asymmetry might be visible in revealing clothing or a bathing suit, and women may change the style of their clothing to avoid embarrassment.


In some cases, generally when one breast noticeably changes over a short period of time, it may be the result of a medical condition and the patient should be evaluated by a doctor. Prior to undergoing any procedure for cosmetic breast asymmetry, the plastic surgeon may request special tests like blood work or a mammogram. However, most patients with asymmetry have been aware of the condition for some time and there are no causes for concern.

Why are Breasts Asymmetrical?

The breasts may not be a perfect pair for a number of reasons, one of the earliest being juvenile hypertrophy. The condition, while uncommon, results in irregular breasts where one grows much larger than the other. Other variations in the breasts are caused by the formation of breast tissue, where one breast grows more, though the disparity is not as significant and juvenile hypertrophy of the breasts and may be attributed to hormones. Trauma and congenital conditions may also impact breast growth.

Regular Breast Changes

Women may notice that their breasts change with their menstrual cycle due to hormones. The breasts may swell slightly, and feel irritated or especially sensitive. During this time, the breasts will also feel very full and can appear larger. Both breasts are affected in the same ways, though this is temporary.

Methods for Breast Matching

Depending on a patient’s needs, a single procedure may be performed, or different surgeries are combined to offer the best result. During the consultation the doctor can discuss options and advise which changes are necessary to result in the patient’s requested aesthetic. Each procedure is customized to meet the patient’s unique needs.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

When a breast augmentation is performed because one breast is larger than the other, a breast prosthesis or implant may be inserted below one breast or both breasts, and the implant volume is adjusted accordingly. Breast implants are all composed of silicone shell and filled with either silicone gel or saline solution. Breast implants are an ideal solution in breasts that are dramatically different in size.

Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a popular surgical method for resolving asymmetry and increasing the volume for one or both breasts. During the two-part procedure, the doctor uses liposuction to remove the patient’s fat from areas of excess, like the abdomen or thighs.  We then mechanically purify it, and inject it into the deficient areas and contours of the breasts. This procedure can be performed a second time if too much fat disappears or the patient wishes to increase the volume. Fat transfer is performed only for minor size differences among the breasts or specific areas of deficiency.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Patients who have asymmetrical breast size may be happy with the volume of the smaller breast, and choose to undergo breast reduction on the larger breast instead. During the procedure, tissues are surgically removed and repositioned to result in a smaller bust. Liposuction can be performed if the patient has extra fat that can be removed from the breast or into the axilla (side of the chest).

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

When one of the breasts is positioned lower than the other, a breast lift surgically repositions the breast on the chest wall so it mirrors the look of the other breast.  Tissues may be surgically excised, resulting in an improve breast shape with restored firmness. The nipple of the altered breast will also be changed so it is in better alignment with the other breast.

Combination Breast Surgeries

Each breast procedure is performed for a specific function, and some women may benefit from two or more different techniques during surgery. During a breast lift, the breasts may appear to be different sizes after tissues are removed. Augmentation can be used to correct this change. If the larger breast also sags, reduction and lift are the best options for addressing each concern.

Candidates for Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Women who may be eligible to undergo breast surgery are healthy individuals who are physically and have realistic expectations about the results which can be achieved with surgery.  It is also recommended that women undergo the procedure after they are done having children or have reached their ideal weight because certain results can be undone with major body changes like hormone surges and weight changes in the breasts.

Breast Asymmetry FAQs

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